Amazon OA Product Researcher / Sourcer

If you are looking to achieve mediocrity, I would click away now.
If you’re still reading.. Keep going!

We strongly believe any skill can be taught - we are looking for someone with great character!

Must Haves
Fluent in English (not just passing)
Currently based in the Philippines
Professional work station with webcam and headphones
Fast/stable internet

Nice to Have
Familiarity with Amazon
No prior experience as a Product Researcher (Newbies)

Character Traits
Ready to learn, full training will be provided
Time management for maximum output
High standard for your work
Infectiously enthusiastic
High energy

Find profitable products based on the client's criteria and provided retailer list
Lead the peers around you
Ready for a multi-year oppurtunity
Ask for feedback often
Exclusive commitment to one client

Application Process
Pre-interview (With video portion)
1on1 interview
Followup client interview

$500-1,000 per month, paid bi-weekly
Paid local holidays
Monthly PTO allowance


Sound fair enough?
We look forward to meeting you :)
And may the odds be ever in your favor