Hire great people for your Amazon business

We find you cool people from the Philippines to handle the repetitive tasks of your Amazon business.

we have been waiting for you

Talented found me really cool people to work with. Zack made the process very smooth start to finish.

Zachary Sents

Workflow Dog

This was not like going to Upwork... HR is always boring to me, but now Im actually leading my team to success. I could not have gotten this outcome on my own..

Johnny Garcia

Virtue Marketing

Your Investment Into Cool People.

Self-made billionares..
Do you think they exist?

Maybe to get the business started - but I think great things take PEOPLE. The oldest form of leverage is labor.

But many people think of management and shudder. Dealing with someone's personal drama and never happy with their life. You've got too much on your plate for that.

Steven Scharzman of Blackstone says "Scale is achieved by a great team, not individuals". The best leaders of our time were not in managerial roles, nor did they act like a manager. The leaders that are most respected are the ones in the trenches with the teams (Think - Sam Altman and Elon Musk).

The greatest source of team culture is you. Will hiring solve all your problems? Definitely not.

Our Amazon stores are typically very solo games, so I am sure you have gotten used to working independently. And conducting interviews.. what would I even say to them? Do they even speak English?

You may be surprised to hear many Filipinos watched Spongebob growing up. In fact - The Philippines was an American colony until 1946 (where my history buffs at).

Finding your crew is tough.

But when you do, it's amazing.

That's why I started Talented. To find you 5-star candidates to choose from - so you don't have to.

Are you ready?

Let's find out.

A photo of Kristelle - my Team Captain receiving her 2 Year award of excellence. She is kinda shy and doesn't know this photo is up here (Please don't tell her)

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Team of virtual assistant Filipino workers for online arbitrage

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Full-service scouting
Client Leadership Training
Talent Onboarding Coaching

4 Person Team
  • 2 - Product Sourcing Specialists
  • 1 - Checkout Specialist
  • 1 - Administrative Specialist
Team of custom virtual assistant Filipino workers for your Amazon store

Custom Team

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What Makes You Unique?
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What We Stand For

Incentivizing Top Talent

We love giving top performers unlimited earning potential. In our own team, we believe in a base pay that covers the talent's bills and clear bonus incentives based on individual performance.

Putting Ourselves in Their Shoes

Empathy has been a cornerstone of our own business operations. This applies to many aspects, but the one that sticks out to me is time flexbility. As entrepreneurs, nobody tells us when we should be working. I believe in the same for my team members. They work whenever they feel like they can have the greatest output.

Feedback Loops & Communication

I believe having a successful team hinges on having a good coach. As a leader, you have to be that coach. I would never go more than a day or two without talking with every member of my team.

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