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We work with cool people from the Philippines to find them full time careers with USA Amazon Sellers and Entrepreneurs.

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"Maraming Salamat, Zachary!"

"[Zachary] was able to connect me with an Amazon seller that fits my working lifestyle. He made my search for work a lot easier. The best part is I am able to spend more time with my family and still earn from the comfort of my own home."

Enrico Tolentino

Amazon Product Researcher from Laguna
"I am grateful to Talented for helping me find a client"

"It was hard to land a job with the high competition today. But Zachary, has been very hands-on in supporting me during the application process. I felt valued who I am as a person in the interview process, which really helped in aligning with the client!"

Janine Alexis Gadapan

Amazon Specialist from Subic

We have been looking for you..

Zachary Allen
Founder of Talented

Why Apply With Us?

We know how difficult the job hunt can be. Especially when many USA clients seem to avoid communication and giving feedback. We are here to change that and build teams that feel empowered to work with their clients. If we like your vibe, we will forward your info (along with 2 other candidates) to one of our clients.

How Are We Different?

Unlike other agencies that give you a time estimate, we are looking to hire immediately. If one of our current clients is interested, you will recieve an offer letter within a week! We are headhunting agency, so you will be paid directly by the client. There is no agency approval. The client will be providing their own training.

What Do We Value?

We place our strongest emphasis on character, not experience. We are looking for individuals that are highly disciplined to acheive their results and are great communicators. If you are just looking to collect an easy paycheck, we are not right for you.

Whats The Process?

  1. Complete your Pre-Interview application
  2. Complete a mock-test (if required)
  3. Complete a 1on1 "Get To Know You" Meeting
  4. We will forward your information to potential clients
  5. Complete 2on1 Potential Client Meeting
  6. Complete any other client-specific followups
  7. Receive offer letter from a Client! 🎉
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About Us

Nobody does it alone.

Self-made entrepreneurs?
They Dont Exist..

Nothing great was ever built without the help of others.

With the rising demand for wages in the United States, scrappy entrepreneurs (the good kind of scrappy) are looking elsewhere to hire great talent.

Hey - I'm Zack. I started my journey online retail in 2017. Finally, in 2021 I was introduced to hiring from the Philippines. I was getting overwhelmed with my workload, but hiring from the US was out of the question.

For the first year, I did not understand how to hire or properly lead a team. Countless mistakes.

Now I have a team run my Amazon store, all based in the great country of the Philippines!

So where does Talented come in? I want to help other Amazon Sellers find and partner with great talent from the Philippines.

But not like the others do it..

You are in the running for being placed with a client immediately.
You get the full salary.
You get to choose if the client is a good fit for you.

We do this for YOU - all you have to do is be a cool person to work with.

Can you do that?

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