Be a Rafting Guide for Your Remote VA Team's Success

Written by Zack Allen

I have seen countless people hire from the Philippines and say ✌

It's the ticket to freedom.

Passive income bro!

If you or a loved one have said something like “I’ll just hire a couple VAs and travel”

You may be entitled to having a bad business.

For some reason there’s a notion that “VA” means a robot.

What makes them different from us?

Uhh nothing.
They’re literally like any other human working for a company (which is why I despise the term VA, but alas..)

Have you been white water rafting?
Picture this.

You’re on the Colorado river with like 6 other dudes (shirtless).
It’s quiet floating.
Then the roar starts to pick up.
Then louder.
And louder.

Until you’re right in the mix of the choppy water.

Over the roar, your guide yells ROW ROW ROW.

And so put your back into that row.

But which way?
The current is taking you one way, but not the right way.

That’s where the guide comes in.

You don’t see it when you’re lashing your body forward into that row, but the guide is steering the whole time.

Now imagine if you sent 6 random people down a river with no guide, and no steering.

That’s what it's like when you hire team members and ignore them.

They run you into a rock..Be the rafting guide for your team!

Okay great Zack, I believe you.

I need to lead my team.

But how do I do that?

Great question.

Here are some of my rafting guide techniques I use with my team:

Game Night.
Every week we hop on and play some fun online games. There is a new host every week, and they will choose from games like Skribbl, Jeopardy, etc. I didn’t realize its effect until we missed a couple weeks in a row and someone said “uhhh can we please have game night again?”

Bi-Weekly 1on1.
A time for feedback.
I let them know if they are meeting my expectations and where they can improve, they let me know where I can improve. We also catch up on our personal lives.

Daily Plan.
Everybody posts in a shared Slack channel their roadmap. It includes their mood, tasks, confidence level, and reflection from the previous day.Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.Got any other good ones to share?

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