“It feels like my business as much as it is yours”

Written by Zack Allen

Hearing a team member say, “It feels like my business as much as it is yours,”

Something many entrepreneurs dream of but seldom experience.

Recently, during a one-on-one meeting, one of my team members expressed this very sentiment.

It was an exciting moment that made me reflect on the common belief that "nobody will care about your business as much as you do."

While there is truth to this saying, I’ve discovered that it’s possible to come extraordinarily close to an ideal where team members deeply care about and are invested in the business.

How Did This Happen?

I can’t pinpoint the exact formula, but I attribute much of this achievement to the culture I’ve nurtured within my team, particularly in terms of transparency and autonomy.

In our company, transparency isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the bedrock of our culture.

Everyone is privy to everything from top to bottom. This includes all our financials—expenses, revenues, and even my salary.

By removing the veils of secrecy, we foster a sense of trust and shared responsibility.

Team members don't just see themselves as employees but as stakeholders who are well-informed and deeply involved.


Another cornerstone of our culture is autonomy. I’ve observed many entrepreneurs struggle with micromanagement, particularly with their first hires.

It’s a pitfall that can stifle creativity and initiative. In contrast, I give my team the freedom to make decisions and form judgments on their own.

This empowerment allows them to own their projects and outcomes, enhancing their connection to their work and the company.

I act as a guide rather than a gatekeeper.
While I set the objectives and outline potential strategies, the execution is in their hands.

They know what goals we are striving to achieve and understand how their contributions make a difference—not just to the company but to their personal and professional growth.

Will this approach lead to mistakes? Undoubtedly, yes. But each mistake is a learning opportunity. Instead of fostering a fear of failure, we encourage a mindset of growth and continuous improvement.

This perspective helps us innovate and push boundaries without the paralyzing fear of getting it wrong.

A Shared Vision of Success
The feedback from my team member during that memorable meeting was a clear indicator that these practices are working.

It showed that what might seem impossible—aligning an employee’s care for the business closely with that of the owner—can be achieved.

Perhaps the old saying about nobody caring as much is not a reflection of the employees' inability to care, but rather a commentary on traditional leadership styles that fail to engage and inspire.

Leadership vs. Management
This experience has reinforced my belief that true leadership involves creating an environment where team members can thrive and feel as invested in the company’s success as the leaders themselves.

Perhaps, those who continue to say that no one will care as much about your business as you do might just be poor leaders often stuck in managerial roles, not realizing the transformative power of trust and autonomy.

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