The ROI of Hiring From the Philippines

Written by Zack Allen

Warren Buffet says “I'm a better investor because i'm a businessman”

Even hiring is about getting an ROI.

Okay it’s a lot less brutal than that makes it sound.

Point is, hiring is an investment for me.

Not a way to tell my mom “Look I have a real business now!”

Or to free up my time so I can “travel the world”

I would spend hours a day just doing data entry. Data entry *feels* productive.

But was it actually getting me closer to my goals?No - definitely not.

Back in 2021 I made my first overseas hire. Rocky to start...


After lots of training and coaching, I was able to get more done.

I still had the same 24 hours in a day.

I can think of several tasks I could be doing that I can make more than $5/hr at.

Hiring is not so I can sit back and do nothingIt's so I can spend my time in a way that gives me the strongest outcome (leverage).

Specifically in Amazon arbitrage (wholesale and retail), allocating yourself more time to supplier outreach and sourcing is worth well over $5/hr.

Hold up - We need to clear something up first.

I am not saying I treat them like doodoo.

They are not tools for me to get rich quick.

I structure the relationship so their vision for their own life fits into my vision for the company.
We both get closer to our goals by working together.

I’m a man of business (businessman?).
I want a return on my investment.

By hiring overseas I am able to get a return on my investment in the form of time, which allows me to allocate more of my time to the *real juicy stuff*

BONUS:As I continue to hire, I am able to attract talent with skills I don’t have. Then I get the compounded effect of getting an ROI on their experience.


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