Hire A VA And Do Nothing?
The Power of Team Building

Written by Zack Allen

The popular narrative from many business gurus is that hiring a VA from the Philippines is a silver bullet that allows you to sit back and watch your Amazon business flourish without lifting a finger.

They paint a picture of the Amazon marketplace as a simple side hustle, a source of passive income waiting to be tapped.

However, this fiction is far from reality in my experience.

The truth is, running a successful Amazon business requires much more than just outsourcing.

That's not to say I disagree with outsourcing though.

I believe outsourcing can provide immense leverage for you to get where you want to go.

Your team is an extension of you.
They need a great leader to steer the ship.

It's the exact reason why we only look for business owners who are committed to leading their new new team to success.
Through constant coaching and training.

I do not view hiring as a way to disconnect and hope it still works out.
They are humans too.

Selling on Amazon requires constant adapation.
Success on the platform is not about doing the same things over and over for years and hoping they work.

“What worked yesterday doesn't always work today.”

Leadership and Team Building: More Than Just Hiring
A critical aspect often overlooked by new to e-commerce entrepreneurship is the importance of leadership in remote team management.

It’s about hiring the right person and investing in them.

The process of finding the ideal candidate involves vetting hundreds of applicants, conducting numerous interviews, and making informed decisions—not just filling a seat.

Once you have your team, the real work begins.

Coaching and leading your hires are essential to your business's growth.

It’s about empowering your team members to take on responsibilities that free you up to focus on core business activities that drive growth.

The Magic of Delegation
When you get the hiring right, the magic starts to happen.
And it compounds
‍Suddenly, the 10 things you have to do every day turn into 8 with your first hire.

Cool - now you can spend more time on those 8.

Then with your next hire they take over 3 more of your daily tasks.

Now you’re focused on 5 things.

Another hire later and you have only 2 things to worry about.

But not just any 2 things.

These are the most important 2 things in your business.

Focusing on What Matters Most
Ultimately, the goal of building a strong team is to allow you to concentrate on the most crucial aspects of your business.

These are the strategic, high-impact activities that directly influence your company's direction and success.

When you reach the point where your attention is solely on these vital few tasks, you unlock a new level of potential for your business.

Conclusion: The Path to Actual Leadership
Leading an Amazon business to success is an active challenge.
It requires a deliberate approach to leadership.

Passive income sounds cool.
But you know what sounds even cooler?
Leading a team to success.

I'm Zack with Talented.
We help you find great talent to hire for your Amazon business.
Skip the 10-20 hours it takes vetting and interviewing and skip to great candidates to choose from.
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