Experienced Amazon Seller Admin Assistant

Hey - you! Yeah you!

I see how much of a killer you are.
You take pride in your work - not like anyone I’ve ever seen.

I think I have the perfect role for you.
We are looking for an executive assistant for an Amazon Seller client of ours.

He is swamped with his workload and could really use your help managing his tasks.

But I need you to be super reliable.

You gotta have quick action time (during working hours of course), high integrity (we have to trust you), and the drive to complete projects at your best.

There are no second bests here.
If you are looking to achieve mediocrity, I would click away now.
If you’re still reading.. Keep going!

Must Haves
1+ Years employed as an Amazon Admin Assistant
Highly experienced in Google Sheets and Seller Central
Fluent in English (not just passing)
Currently based in the Philippines
Professional work station with webcam and headphones
Fast/stable internet

Nice to Have
Experience in Keepa
Experience in a project management tool (ClickUp, Asana, Trello)
Advanced Google Sheets knowlege (formulas)

Help the client manage their Amazon store (Inventory, logistics, account health, reconciliation, etc)
Able to context switch quickly
Ready for a multi-year opportunity
Exclusive commitment
Fun to work with
US daytime hours

Solve account health issues
Point of contact with prep center
Lost inventory reconciliation
Processing supplier invoices
Supplier communication
Organizing team meetings
Customer service inquiries
Tracking and reporting on KPIs
Basic repricing
Confidant to other PH team members

Application Process
Pre-interview (With video portion)
Mock admin task test
1on1 interview
Followup client interview

$800-1,200 per month, paid bi-weekly
Paid local holidays
13th month pay
Monthly PTO allowance


Sound fair enough?
We look forward to meeting you :)
And may the odds be ever in your favor